Easttown Township Neighborhood Watch
- Crime Prevention Tips


Using common sense is the most effective way to avoid becoming a crime victim but here are some standard areas that continue to create new victims year round and general crime prevention tips for everyday awareness:

Phony Charities:  All types of charities pop up throughout the year.  In the U.S., most charities must file a Form 990 with the IRS.  This indicates how much the group spent on programs, administration and fundraising activities.  When in doubt, ask  for a copy of Form 990 BEFORE sending any money. If you get a phone call seeking a donation, ask how much of your donation will actually reach its intended recipient.   Don't settle for a tax-id number either -- this can be issued to any business and doesn't necessarily indicate a legitimate charity. 

Online auctions:  Thousands of people list items for sale online.  You take a leap of  faith when you purchase from online auctions.  Selecting sellers with high rates of positive feedback is one way to avoid being ripped off -- and paying with a form of payment that can be cancelled should the item not be shipped out is another.  Use common sense when ordering from an unknown person over the web.

Destructive emails:  Avoid getting computer viruses or being hacked by resisting the urge to download those cute ring tones or e-greetings.  While most are probably harmless, some could contain potentially damaging computer viruses.

Pickpockets:  The least "high tech" scam is picking your pocket or stealing a wallet or purse.  Be aware of your surroundings; keep your wallet in a front pocket and keep your purse zipped up (with the zipper pull in front!).  Don't leave your wallet or purse unattended at any time, anywhere.

Snowbirds:  Notify police that you will be away and for how long as well as giving them contact information on where you can be reached and who has a key to your residence in case of emergency.   Put a hold  on your mail delivery or have it forwarded to your vacation address if possible.  Cancel paper delivery for the duration of your winter holiday,  Ask a neighbor to shovel any snow that falls while you are away (and salt your walkway/drive when it's icy).  Make sure a trusted neighbor or family member has a key to your house in case of emergency and let them know the police phone number (non-emergency 610-647-1440) should they need to contact them.