Easttown Township Neighborhood Watch
Easttown Township Neighborhood Watch is having a fund drive.  We have a fund drive every few years and ALL the funds donated are used to support crime prevention activities with our township.  No one on the Advisory Board receives any compensation for the hours of work they devote to ETNW.   

Over the past years, thanks for your generous donations in prior fund drives, ​​
​ETNW has been able to:
a) purchase Neighborhood Watch street signs which help as a deterent to  crime;​

b) help fund Project D.A.R.E. and the Officer Friendly programs in our local schools; ​​

c) help defray the cost of advanced crime prevention training for our Easttown Police officers;

d) purchase hi-tech equipment to help Easttown police view surveillance tapes;

e) purchase a night vision camera for crime scene investigations;

f) purchase a camera with a monitoring screen which allows officers to review traffic stop tapes recorded ​ by cameras mounted in patrol cars; ​​​​​​

g) purchase state of the art fingerprinting equipment;

h) help defray the cost of ETNW's Citizen Involvement Award materials;

Your generous donation to our 2023 Fund Drive will enable us to continue supporting crime prevention programs within Easttown Township but also assist the Easttown Police Department in funding training and purchasing needed equipment.  

You can donate either by check or PayPal.
Checks should be payable to Easttown Township Neighborhood Watch and mailed to
                         ETNW    P.O.Box 620, Devon, PA 19033

You can find us on PayPal by entering "Easttown Township Neighborhood Watch" on the send screen or use the QR code: ​​​